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Threat Mitigation


Threat Mitigation is an ongoing, everyday issue for most companies. Our services can help lighten the load or give you a solid second opinion on your overall security posture.


Firewall Configuration & Review


Firewalls are the gatekeepers to your network. Therefore it is imperative that their access lists, rules and configuration be reviewed frequently.

The great wall...

IDS / IPS Deployment


Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems help identify and protect against network attacks. Not sure where to put them to maximize efficiency? Trouble finding the actionable items in all the network noise? We can help!

Right tool for the job...

OS Hardening


Operating Systems come with tons of applications, services and utilities turned on by default. Shrinking down these to only the ones you need is ideal for not only improving the performance of the box but also for minimizing the attack vector.

Clean Desk Policy

Security Policies


Security policy is only as good as the paper it's printed on unless it's tested frequently. Security controls for public companies are numerous and often misunderstood. We can help you review or revise your existing policies and controls or help you create new ones.

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